About Meditation and Mindfulness

The term meditation is an 'umbrella' term which generally refers to the act of entering a deeper state of consciousness. Mindfulness encompasses techniques to help you to become present and aware - useful in both meditation settings and everyday life.

There are thousands of styles and techniques which vary greatly, coming from many different traditions world wide.

Over the last 120 years the 'West' has embraced many of the eastern meditation traditions.

Why do people meditate?

There are as many reasons for coming to meditation as there are people who come.

Common reasons include curiosity about the hype, high stress levels of our fast paced lives, anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, to improve health, focus, or just to be able to relax and find calmness.

What will I learn at meditation class?

The classes incorporate some or all of the following - grounding, body awareness, body relaxation, breath techniques, visualisation techniques, mindfulness, concentrative and attentive techniques.

Do I need to be able to "empty my mind"?

No, but you will learn techniques to help to calm your mind and find focus.

Other benefits you may enjoy include improved sleep, greater clarity of thought, calmness, reduced anxiety, improved ability to focus, greater ability to manage reactions to stressful situations.