Frequently asked questions about yoga and meditation at Snow Gum Yoga

I have never done Yoga before, which class is for me?

You are welcome to come to any of the classes. We were all beginners at the start. Many options are shown throughout the class to suit different levels and offer modifications as required.

Do I have to be flexible?

No, but you may become more flexible by practicing Yoga.

Do I need special clothes or a mat?

I have mats and equipment you can use. You need to wear comfortable stretchy clothes – eg track pants or yoga tights and t-shirt. Yoga is practiced in bare feet, so no special socks or shoes are required.

Am I too old for Yoga?

I have many ages come to Yoga. Some of my students are in their 80s!

Can children come to the classes?

I would suggest high school age and up. As with all people who come, they will be expected to be respectful and mature.

I have a disability or mobility restrictions – can I do Yoga?

The Yoga room is up some stairs, if you can get up there you can do Yoga. I can modify poses as required and there are props and chairs which can be utilised.

Is the meditation faith based?

No, the meditation classes are not associated with any religion or faith tradition.